The Worship Room

A Ministry of Bethel Church Redding

What is The Worship Room?

- Vision -

 The Worship Room is committed to building a sustainable worship and prayer expression based in Redding, impacting our local and global community. We are centered around the love and simple adoration of Jesus and serve the local church vision of Bethel Worship and Bethel Church. Our vision is to provide a public space to minister to the Lord. The idea is to bless the Lord, lift up His name and through praise see transformation. 

Our pillars of this vision are Worship & Prayer, Creativity and Community.

- The story -

In 2012 we had a crazy idea. What if we created a space to allow praise and adoration to be the whole point? We realized so much of our worship and prayer had an agenda beyond simply exalting Jesus. We wanted a place, or a room rather, that would be filled with a community of people expressing how they saw and worshiped Jesus creatively. We dreamed of a place where prayer overflowed from a place of knowing Jesus already has the victory and our partnering with Him simply looks like agreeing and declaring His kindness and goodness in the earth. So we created that space and called it the Worship Room, for that truly was what is was. 

We are a community of young and old from all walks of life, expressing very differently the same thing - that Jesus is worth the time pouring our hearts and love out on Him. We have sets happening throughout the week that all look and feel very different. Some are corporate full band worship sets, some are small team devotional sets, some sing the psalms, some sing original songs. Many have intercessors, dancers, artists, poets and other creators expressing their heart through their craft. But all of them come down to one thing, worshipping Jesus with all we have within.



Worship has no assumed roll or set way it expresses itself. This is why we have chosen to give freedom in how sets sound and look. If we keep worship, praise, thanksgiving and adoration the main thing everything else in our lives fall into place. 


Whether you are a musician, artist, intercessor, dancer or simply just a creator, we believe in allowing the expression of worship to look different. Creativity allows worship to be anything done unto and given to the Lord. 


The beautiful design of the Father is that we can't do it alone. Therefore, as one we join together to gather and lift up Jesus whether in sets or in regular home group meetings for volunteers involved.